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When Choosing Office Furniture, How Important Is a Showroom?

If browsing and purchasing office furniture from the comfort of your desk seems too good to be true, there's a reason for that: it can lead to costly mistakes and create more problems than it solves. Online retailers may offer many attractive purchasing options, but the truth is that buying office furniture sight-unseen is risky and ultimately not worth the apparent convenience.

PTI Office Furniture of Bergen County informs its customers on the importance of a showroom

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Buying Online: What Can Go Wrong?

Despite the best efforts of many consumers, it’s hard to get the best fit for your office when you’re buying furniture without seeing it in person. Some factors may leave you with furniture that doesn’t match your needs. For example:

- Online pictures and dimensions don’t fully demonstrate how an item will work or look in your space.
- Online retailers don’t offer the benefit of real-time interaction with an expert, and you often only have the listed product details for reference.

And what happens if you get your items out of the box and discover they aren’t what you expected? Even if an online retailer accepts returns, the buyer is often responsible for the shipping costs. They also lose time waiting for replacements.

Why Bother With a Showroom?

Many commercial furniture vendors have showrooms to present their options. Showrooms offer consumers benefits that justify taking the trip. What can you do in a showroom?

- Examine potential purchases up close and personal
- See functional demonstrations of products that can’t be conveyed by pictures
- Talk to representatives about the products and features that best suit your needs
- Learn about high-end and state-of-the-art special order products

You have to SEE it to BELIEVE it!

Purchasing office furniture online doesn’t give consumers the option to learn from experts and refine their search based on hands-on experience. After visiting a showroom, many people have a different and more accurate idea of what they need in their office space. As a reputable local commercial and residential furniture dealership, we take pride in our showroom and the inventory inside. We encourage all businesses or individuals to visit our showroom so you can 'see it to believe it'. Contact Us today for a personal look at what we can offer.

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